Sean Andrews - Producer / Engineer / Songwriter

Sean Andrews is a Songwriter, Producer and Musician from Toronto, Canada.

As a musician his role as the lead singer and songwriter of the band Still Avenue has seen him share the stage with such acts as Marianas Trench, Down with Webster, Illscarlett, Lights, Moneen, USS and My Darkest Days.

As a Producer Sean has logged thousands of hours recording, mixing and mastering in his home studio Still Avenue Productions working with many artists such as Will Marr of Juno nominated illScarlett, Alan Frew of Juno award winning band Glass Tiger, Canadian Indie Act Rise Of The Lion and many others.

As a Songwriter Sean has written and co-written over 500 songs in his 8 year songwriting career. In 2011 Sean had his song "Tonight" featured in the Canadian Zombie film "Dead Stop". In 2007 Sean wrote a song for Cisco Systems Green campaign keynote video entitled "Connected To The World" and in 2005 had a song "Give Love For Christmas" co-written written with Alan Frew of Glass Tiger featured on legendary Canadian Tenor John Mcdermott's "Christmas Memories" album.

Sean enrolled in Metalworks Institute to polish his production and engineering skills. It has no doubt paid off, as Sean stands as one of the best young engineers in the GTA. He will serve DeadFly Records as a Producer, Engineer and Songwriter.


Kiril Travinski - Producer / Engineer / Composer

Kiril started his musical journey as a DJ spinning records at popular nightclubs in Toronto, Montreal, Ukraine, Germany, Spain and other European countries.

Growing up in Europe, Kiril was influenced by superstars such as Michael Jackson, James Brown, Luciano Pavarotti and Freddy Mercury. His ambition to make original music has exceeded the expectations of his peers, and the road to professional music production began with the production of "So Far So Hot", for a Montreal based artist STS.

Since then, Kiril has shown an outstanding skill in production and arrangements by working with various writers and generating original content for different purposes. Besides music, Kiril has become a freelance recordist and editor and got a chance to work in the video game industry on titles such as Two Worlds 2. Also specializing in pop / electronic / r'n'b music, Kiril still hasn't lost the touch with his rock roots and is considered a multi-purpose composer / producer. By following the latest musical and technological trends, he maintains an edge over other producers.

Currently being involved in a large amount of collaborative endeavors including an indie record label, a successful co-production partnership and an electro-house duo entitled "Mister Park and Kat Revolution" who will be releasing their debut EP "Hotel Animalia" by Fall/2011, with a music video for "Mic Check 1, 2".

A self proclaimed "music junkie," Kiril's passion for production has lead him to DeadFly records where he serves as a Producer, Engineer, and Creative Director.



Erik Sodonis - Business Affairs / New Media

An experienced pipe band snare drummer, kit drummer and guitar player, Erik has an enthusiasm that borders on obsession for new Canadian music that has led him to the position of head of Publishing and Business Affairs at DeadFly Records.

He has an honours degree in Human Geography from McMaster University, but decided to follow his true love, music, and enrolled in Metalworks Institute. In 2010, Erik worked with "Friends of Music Therapy," an endowment fund that helps support the music therapy program at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. 



Don Vandenheuvel - General Manager / Client Relations

Don's knowledge and passion for music extends a little further than most people. After all, how many people would travel in full Kiss Army gear just to be an extra in "Detroit Rock City?" Don is also a singer-songwriter with an ear and opinion on music that you can't help but agree with. He Don graduated from Metalworks Institute, Canada's premier entertainment arts school, studying entertainment business management and recording engineering.

Don brings an unmatched passion to the business, as his love for all music feeds his optimistic, and often visionary, outlook on the record industry and life. Don serves as the head of A&R and Client Relations for DeadFly Records.

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