Full Song Production

Includes pre-production, recording, arranging, mixing and mastering.

Composing We have composers on staff who will deliver original material (music and lyrics) to cater to every genre of music especially Rock, Pop, Adult Cont., RnB/HipHop, Electronic (House, Electro-Pop) and many more. Our staff composers are also experienced in composing for TV / Film. Please inquire for more details.
Arranging Our staff arrangers will help you get the most out of your generated ideas and make a masterpiece out of raw material.
Overdubs Bring us your existing track, we'll overdub vocals/instruments or whatever is needed.
Mixing We have a few mixing engineers on staff to cater to every genre of music.
Mastering Both analog and digital mastering is available. Inquire for more details.
Promotion Ever wonder what you can do to promote yourself before you hire someone to do it for you? Our staff will help you build your own brand, promote yourself through various social media outlets, set you up with a professional photographer or music video director.
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